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This is a discussion list for the Family Law section of the State Bar of Michigan. Section members may use this list to participate in email discussions that are relevant to the section.

Sending Messages

If you are a member of the list, you can post a message to the list by simply emailing familylaw@groups.michbar.org. You must do this using the same email address that you are subscribed to the list with.


If the proposed event is reasonably related to family law, or the interests of the family law section, and no registration fee is charged, upon advance permission of Ms. Sadowski, it may be posted in the list serv.

If the proposed event involves a registration fee, then it may not be posted to the listserv unless a contemporaneous advertisement is taken out in the Family Law Journal.

If the proposed event involves a registration fee, and is reasonably related to the interests of the Family Law Section, then an E Blast may be circulated to all Section members provided that the fee of $100 is paid to the Section.

Family Law Listserv Rules

Key reminders: Always include your full name and city with every reply or new post. Also, remove privacy disclaimer paragraphs if possible.

When replying to a daily digest message, be sure to modify the subject line to relate to your post, otherwise it will mess up the archives and doesn’t let readers know the subject of your message.

View full rules at http://groups.michbar.org/pdf/familylaw_rules.pdf.

Replying To Messages

[ REPLY ] By default, when you press reply to a message that was sent to the list that reply will only go to the person that sent the message.

[ REPLY ALL ] To have your reply sent to the list, use the reply all feature in your email program.

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